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Kirlian Camera

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My personal tribute and homage to the band Kirlian Camera, Spectra Paris, Alice Neve Fox. Because they have given me the splendor and magic back into my life. Thank you. Full connectedness. Thomas Saalberg

Text of Kirlian Camera on Facebook

Kirlian Camera is one of those special music projects that will have connoisseurs raving on about how good they are with glowing eyes, that manages to fuse sonic experiments, club-compatibility, anthemic pathos and a wholly unique aura into a one-of-a-kind experience and that has been able to span generations of fans. Founded in Spring 1980 by Angelo Bergamini, the band has been releasing albums with music that can be of exceptional beauty, ingrained with experimental fury and imprinted with a sparkling catchiness over the past three decades – sounds without bounds that all carry that unmistakable Kirlian Camera trait. Anthems like "Nightglory", “Eclipse”, “Heldenplatz”, “K-Pax” and "Odyssey Europa" are mandatory spins at underground discos around the world and the band is fervently worshiped by its fans at live shows. Since 2000, the creative core of the band consists of Angelo Bergamini and the highly charismatic, beautiful and strong-voiced singer, composer and performer Elena Alice Fossi, who is also part of the project “Stalingrad” along with Bergamini and helmed “Sideratica”, the project that has now evolved into the highly successful indie-band “SPECTRA*paris, as well as header of acclaimed acoustic-orientated combo Alice Neve Fox.” After the critically acclaimed mini album “Shadow Mission: HELD V” and the successful anthologies “Odyssey Europa” and “Not Of This World”, Kirlian Camera released new album "NIGHTGLORY" that, as Bergamini says “captures the essence of Kirlian Camera as never before.” With a tour in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Greece, Denmark, etc. ("Nightglory Tour 2011-2012"), big festival gigs and such a great album, Kirlian Camera added an impressive and hugely important piece to the puzzle of their own legend. "IMMORTAL", 6-track mini-album related to the last album, has been released May 2012.
May 2013,an important date in band's history: Kirlian Camera release the intriguing and surprising new album "BLACK SUMMER CHOIRS", produced with class and talent by Elena Alice Fossi herself with a remarkable help from legendary top producer/mixer John Fryer (Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, This Mortal Coil, Ulver, The Wire, Cocteau Twins, Paradise Lost, etc.) at mixing desk. An album that highlights an incredible new change of orientation for this uncompromising band and their inspired rebel singer: a mournful and cloudy atmosphere is ready to take listeners to a no-way-out world... Dark ballads and hypnotic visions from a very disquieting future of humanity.... Not to forget 4 beautiful previously unreleased songs added to track-list in a classy limited edition of 1000 certified copies, a box containing great items for the fans. An obscure, touching and at the same time beautiful omen from a luminous and lonely star called Elena Alice Fossi and her legendary friend Angelo Bergamini...

More Musik and Links on:  Kirlian Camera on SOUNDCLOUD

#hamburg #event #kampagne #hamburg_event #hamburg_kampagne,
#hafen_city, #hafencity, #hafen_city_hamburg, #hurra_hamburg_music,
#spectra_paris, #elena_alice_fossi, #alice_neve_fox, #kirlian_camera, 

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My Tribute to the wonderful Elena Alice Fossi


Kirlian Camera on Facebook

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